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GLOBALGAP is a standard set from the producers of agricultural products, as well as from the large sellers of fruit and vegetables.
Setting the basics for standardization in this area is initiated from the large sellers' society Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group (EUREP) in 1997 and supported by the producers from and out of Europe.

It represents system of working based upon GAP (good agricultural practice).
By implementation and obedience of the principles which GLOBALGAP promotes, the hazards for the peoples' health are eliminated, or at least are reduced to an acceptable level.

GLOBALGAP - why is it required?

  • With an introduction of the EUREPGAP system the risks for the employees are being decreased, while at the same the safety and the quality of the food products are increased within all phases of production till the distribution to the final consumer

  • GLOBALGAP is a system which has been created and acknowledged from the big world's supermarkets. It eases the sale of the products anywhere in the world
  • It ascertains tracking of the work
  • It increases the quality of the work

GLOBALGAP - who requires it?

GLOBALGAP as a standard is considered necessary for all producers from the primary sectors that are interested in sale and eased distribution of the products on any market worldwide.
The following sectors of production can be certified:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Cut flowers
  • Transplanted materiall

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