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What 30 years ago was known to be far from the production processes in the food industry, in the times of searching methods for producing a quality and safe food for the participants in the space missions, today is becoming every-day practice.
Traditionally in the food industry the quality was examined according to the random chosen samples from the final products. This method turned out to be rather inefficient and reactive than preventive. The reactive system meant causing a loss, throwing away the final product because the problem was detected at the very end, after the completion of the product...
If you are owner, manager, director or employee in a company which produces or deals with food products, we have couple of information that will attract your attention.

What is HACCP?

H - Hazard
A - Analysis
C - Critical
C - Control
P - Points
HACCP represents a system of working (self control) which is preventive and serves for eliminating the situations which are health hazardous for the consumer, or reducing them to an acceptable level in the time of producing, processing or storing the food products.

HACCP - why is it required?

  • With the implementation of the HACCP system the final expenses of the production are being decreased, the safety of the employees and the consumers is increased, the complaints are reduced thus the reputation of the producer or the service provider rises

  • HACCPis a legal obligation in EU thus in the Republic of Macedonia
  • It increases the quality and the productiveness
  • It is necessary for distributing products on the international market

HACCP - who requires it?

is required by all whose activities include food, no difference whether it is a production, import, export, storing or direct serving of the food products.
According to sectors there is:

  • Meat production, packing and sale of meat and meat products
  • Production and sale of cereal products
  • Fish ponds, canning, processing and sale of fish and fish products
  • Preparation of fresh and frozen food
  • Production of fresh, canned and frozen fruit and vegetables
  • Water packing and production of refreshing drinks
  • Tradesmen with food and catering facilities
  • Restaurants in kindergartens, schools, companies as well as in pension homes
  • In all places where transporting and storing of food is being done

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