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ISO 22000 in Swisslion

For the first time in Macedonia the standard ISO 22000 was introduced in Swisslion. Food Consulting covers the consultant services of this project.

ISO 9001 at the cardio-surgical clinic Philip II

Food Consulting as a consultant house works on the implementation of the system for quality for the most famous cardio-surgical hospital in Macedonia, Philip II.

- The necessity of keeping pace with the latest news from the field of standards, led us to the idea to organize a seminar for evaluation of the newest standard which refers to food safety (ISO 22000:2005) in collaboration with Business Edge. For more information you can visit their site:

- The consultancy in Macedonia is in need of better organization. Bonding the consultant houses with each other is one of the first steps that we undertake together, accompanied from other successful consultant houses from Macedonia.

- We are following the latest news and innovations on the field of health and protecting the employees who are exposed on certain risks with their jobs… Recently Food Consulting was acquired with evaluator for OHSAS, a seminar organized in Belgrade...

- Following the current regulations of the legislative in Macedonia, Food Consulting has been actively working on developing a new service for its clients. In accordance with the Rule book regarding the method for controlling the knowledge and issuing official recognitions for acquirement of the basic knowledge concerning the food hygiene and protection of the environment (Official Gazette 118/2005), and the Program for gaining basic knowledge concerning the food hygiene and protection of the environment (Official Gazette 119/2005)...

-P.I.C.Co, a company that has very successfully implemented the ISO 9000:2000, is actively working on the new development phases, creation of a software program which would ease the every-day work, we are actively working on implementing the elements of ISO 9001:2000 in that program...

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