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The necessity of the food industry in Macedonia as well as in the wider region, to redistribute their products on the market of the European Union has brought the owners and the managing teams in a rather awkward situation because they were faced with number of difficulties which hindered the successful distribution of products on that market. This situation resulted not only from the capacities with rather old technology and unpreserved facilities, but as well from the ignorance of the table of norms which became part from the policy for safe food worldwide. This was a motive for this company to be founded. Its highly educated and trained staff gained their knowledge on the institutions for higher education in and out of Macedonia, they were also trained from the best staff for safe food from Europe and China.

Our mission is to develop (implement) a method of working and technology that will bring an increase of the quality of the businesses and application of new useful tools, which will help our clients easily and more successfully to fight the competition. In order to achieve that, we are always trying to implement our knowledge and ideas on the best and most acceptable possible way for our clients. Part of our mission is developing an excellent collaboration with the consultant houses that are open for cooperation, as well as any kind of active working on the development of the consultant activity.


The freedom in the creativity is important, but we deeply believe in a structurally creative process. That is why we begin all our projects with an intensive, mutual work with our clients, discovering their needs and searching for a common model for overcoming the challenges that we inevitably face. We offer constant education within the process of implementation of a certain standard, which will enable the clients a further promotion and dealing with the future norms. The very moment we determine the goal and the best way of accomplishing it, we direct all of our creative energy towards the right direction, leaving marks in the companies behind us, in form which completely suits the clients' needs.



The high level of knowledge combined with the experience in the area where we once were pioneers and today we are leaders, guarantee our success, as well as the success of our clients.
From the very beginning till today we approach our work with plenty of enthusiasm and joy, and thanks to our good organizational skills we fulfill our promises given to our clients. Even far more than that...

Manager, Aleksandra Markovska

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